Bulbs Info

This section will help you choose the best bulbs for your application.

Let’s start with KELVIN COLORING – this is generally anywhere from 4300k to 6500k.


A 4300k-4500k bulb is the BRIGHTEST coloring available and considered OEM in most applications.

A 5000k-5500k is considered pure white.

A 6000k-6500k is considered to have a slight tinge of blue. When selecting OEM D2S bulbs, if your application allows, these colors are pre-determined within that specific bulb model. For example : the OEM D2S OSRAM CBI bulbs are a 5000k coloring and can’t be changed.

LED Bulbs (aftermarket only)morimoto-2stroke-h11-h9-h8-led-headlight-bulbs-2

  • 5500k-6500k Coloring
  • 2600-3000 lumens of output
  • The Newest Technology using less power to create awesome light output
  • Available on some of our headlight packages AND upon request with an email quote



OEM vs Aftermarket HID

If your application will be utilizing a D2S based projector (OEM Philips 85122+ D2Sthe options within that product listing will allow for it or not), you have the option to use standard Morimoto aftermarket bulbs OR OEM D2S bulbs. We always like to recommend OEM D2S bulbs for the best performance and reliability, pending your budget and goals.

Morimoto 3Five D2S Bulbs-1716






OEM D2S Bulb Info 

Philips 85122+

  • 4300k Coloring
  • 3200-3400 lumens of output
  • An industry benchmark

OSRAM 66240

  • 4300k Coloring
  • 3200-3400 lumens of output
  • Exceptional reliability


  • 5000k Coloring
  • 3500 lumens of output
  • Outstanding performance & visibility

Philips C1X (85122XV-C1)

  • 5000k Coloring
  • 3500 lumens of output
  • Outstanding performance & reliability

Philips WX2 Ultinon

  • 6000k Coloring
  • 3200 lumens of output
  • Top quality & a tinge of exotic blue performance