27 Jul

Both Lights Flicker Intermittently

If your headlights “flicker” or rapidly pulse intermittently, there may be a few underlying issues.

Check all your grounds, connections, socket pins and fuses first. There may be a loose connection or plug somewhere in the system.

Your vehicle battery may be weak. Try starting the vehicle, allowing it to charge for one minute and then try turning the headlights on again.

You may have the “auto-on” option selected for your headlights. This can sometimes cause a voltage regulation issue going to a newly installed headlight harness, causing the ballasts not to receive full power. We recommend turning the “auto-on” feature OFF.

Is your vehicle canbus equipped or does it have computer controlled headlights? Often times these types of vehicles should have special controllers sent with the headlights to avoid any computer interference or issues. This should be indicated or noted at the time of your build sheet organization (before any work began).

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