27 Jul

High Beams Don’t Work

If you’re high beams don’t work there may be underlying reasons.

First – which type of system do you have? Did the vehicle have ONE bulb for both low and high beam operation OR is it a split system, meaning there was ONE bulb for low beam and ONE bulb for high beam?

With a SINGLE bulb for high and low beam, a new wiring harness was included with your build. This controls the output and keeps the HID bulb on while activating the high beam solenoid within the projectors. If your high beams do NOT work within this system, check all connections, grounds and fuses. If you are still only getting low beam operation, disconnect the high beam pigtails on ONE side and test the pins with DIRECT battery power (this can be done with alligator clips to the battery OR a 9 volt battery).

If the high beam solenoid clicks and makes it’s noise – you likely have a connection problem to the main harness (a pin may have pushed out or is bent).

If your system is the split system with ONE bulb for low and ONE bulb for high beams – check to see that the new HID projector high beam pigtail is connected or tied into the stock halogen high beam bulb with a splitter.

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