25 Jul

How should I align my new headlight retrofits ?

This is a great question. It should be noted that proper patience, time and surroundings should be available to adjust your lights. It may take a few trial and error adjustments to get them just right and to your personal liking.

All height adjustments can be done through the OEM control knobs on the headlights.

-First, find a good level ground area to park your vehicle on that has an adjacent broad-sided building. Park approximately 30 feet away & facing the wall.
-Next, measure the distance from the ground to your projector inside the headlight (let’s use 30 inches as an example).
-With your headlights turned on, measure the lower portion of the DRIVER cutoff step. The goal is for the cutoff step to be approximately 2 inches lower than your projector measurement. So, in our scenario, 30 inches minus 2 inches gives us 28 inches.
-Then simply align your PASSENGER projector to the same point as your left one.
-Road test and adjust slightly up or down as needed.

The general adjustment range is 2-4 inches LOWER than what your projector measures.

For more information on what a retrofit is and the components used please visit www.HIDRetrofits.com orwww.HeadlightRetrofits.com

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