27 Jul

One Light Won’t Turn On

If one side headlight won’t turn on, we recommend following the procedures below :

The first thing to check and confirm are ANY & ALL grounds for the system. A radiator bolt is NOT a sufficient ground. We recommend a direct battery or bare chassis ground – as noted in the installation instructions PDF file.

Next – check ANY & ALL fuses related to the headlight system. This includes any fuses built into your vehicle from the factory as well as any on the new harness we supplied (if applicable). Replace as needed.

Last – check all your sockets and connections. Sometimes when connecting two sockets a pin can be pushed out or bent which can cause a lack of electrical contact. Repair by simply pushing back in OR bending into place as needed.

If none of these sort the issue out – please swap ballasts from side-to-side, to see if the issue follows the ballast OR is specific to that side. If the issue follows the ballast, you may have a defective ballast. If the issue STAYS on that specific side of the vehicle – you likely have a wiring or harness issue.

Please contact us below regarding a faulty ballast.

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