27 Jul

Pivot Points OR Guts Mounting Reset

If your headlights have the symptoms of “loose internal guts” (as described in a few of the other troubleshooting topics on this page), the procedures here may help to diagnose and/or solve this.

The projectors in your HID system sit inside the headlights in what we refer to as “guts”. These guts are held in place by three pivot points.

Sometimes during shipping a package can be handled roughly – it is unfortunately but it does happen. This can cause the guts to pop off one or more of their pivot points – sometimes with additional damage, but most often it’s simply just a pop-off issue.

To rectify this you can gently grab the back of the projector and give it a gently “wiggle”. If it seems to move freely or more than 1-2mm there may be a mounting point internally that has popped off. Simply grab the projector and pull backwards, toward the back of the headlight housing to “pop” it back in place. You’ll hear or feel a small click. Do NOT make sudden or jerking motions – a slow even pressure often pops it back in.

This can explain a wobbly headlight output, poor adjustment capability, rotation issue with the output, or having a light that’s aimed too low or high.

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