25 Jul

What are the benefits of an HID projector conversion?

With an HID Projector retrofit conversion your headlights are now equipped with the best possible lighting components. We offer car & truck headlight packages that are hand-built to be brighter, safer & more visually appealing.

Brighter Output: An HID light is a high intensity bulb. When installed in an optically correct HID projector you get excellent, properly-controlled brighter light output.

Width & Depth: How can I see further down the road at night?  How can I have better night time driving peripheral vision? Ever find yourself asking these questions? An HID Projector Retrofit can take care of all these concerns. You’ll see farther & wider while driving at night. This is a huge improvement in safety.

Cost: What does something like a projector retrofit cost? Our retrofit service is all done by hand and with great attention to detail. Our packages will certainly cost more than the sub-par & generally unsafe generic“projector halo lights” that run rampant across the internet these days. However, if the cost of a factory/dealer installed HID system is compared you’ll find we are much more reasonable. Our headlight conversions often outperform factory HID lighting as well.

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