Paint Info

Here you’ll find information on another aesthetic option. There are variations and only certain applications can have paint in specific places.


All Chrome OR OEM look – This option keeps the STOCK appearance of the housings in place. No extra paint, designs or otherwise changes. Great for a clean OEM fit and finish.


Ford Superduty HID Retrofit X Headlight










All Black OR One Solid Color – With an all painted setup – EVERYTHING is set to osuperduty_all_grey_paintne color (generally black, grey or some other specific option). This is great if you’re blacking out the entire truck.












Black & Chrome – Our MOST POPULAR selection. This takes the trim or surround sections and coats them in a satin black finish. The remaining buckets or portions (where applicable) stay chrome, including the projector 05-black-chrome-superduty








Other or Specialty Paint – Sometimes you need something totally custom or unique. We’ve tackled a number of projects like this and we can often use specific colors to get the look you’re after. 11-16-superduty-featured