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By using the SuperDutyHeadlights.com website, you agree to all terms and conditions listed here. This includes but is not limited to: copyright information, website conditions, product & project conditions, shipping & returns and any orders placed. You also agree to fill out all information honestly and accurately. Fraudulent or malicious emails, orders or account setups will NOT be tolerated. Your IP address will be forwarded to the proper authorities.

Any “specials”, “discounts” or “sale items & services” listed in the latest updates area or any other section of the website areNOT automatically applied to your projects. They must be mentioned prior to us starting work on any project.

Product & Project Conditions (including custom services):
All sections of this website including but not limited to “About Us”, “FAQ’s” & “Products” have additional information regarding our services, labor & techniques. By using this website & SuperDutyHeadlights.com. for any projects, build or custom applications you agree to all the aforementioned informational sections.
SuperDutyHeadlights.com reserves the right to refuse service, the sale of any products and/or close your account at any time. This is at our sole discretion.
Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation (including, but not limited to; email/ text-message/ verbal conversation/work-order/build-sheet) does not signify our acceptance of your order/project, nor does it confirm our offer to sell or undertake your project. SuperDutyHeadlights.com reserves the right at any time before or after receipt of your order or project details to accept or decline your order/project for any reason.

All item & project photos are representations. Your actual custom project or product may vary slightly. Every custom project is built to order; This means your paint colors, options, components and any other choice details regarding such project are solely your responsibility. SuperDutyHeadlights.com is NOT responsible for incorrect terminology or descriptions of any custom built products or packages due to a lack of understanding on the customer’s part.
All prices are in US Dollars. Colorado State sales tax will be applied to any orders being picked up, billed to, or delivered to a Colorado address. Any out of stock items or unavailable components will NOT be billed or have payment accepted for until they are available for shipment.

Any parts or projects in SuperDutyHeadlights.com possession that have not had a deposit placed on them within 14 days of receipt or that have not been paid in full within 14 days of notified completion will automatically become the property of SuperDutyHeadlights.com

The modifying of your vehicle involves certain risks and could possibly void your vehicle warranty. All SuperDutyHeadlights.com products and services are intended for “off road” or race use only vehicles. SuperDutyHeadlights.com is not responsible for the use, misuse, mis-installation, or damage to persons, up to and including loss of life or property from use or installation of products sold by SuperDutyHeadlights.com It is recommended that all products be installed by a professional or a certified and experienced automotive technician. Lost, stolen, damaged, or misused products and hardware are the sole responsibility of the original buyer. Any mishandled products/hardware during installation is the sole responsibility of the original buyer and will not be replaced or exchanged without charge.
SuperDutyHeadlights.com makes every effort to keep all of our products and services up-to-date with pricing, and availability.Both pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.

SuperDutyHeadlights.com guarantees and stands behind our work. Any projects that are solely organized, designed, fabricated and completed by SuperDutyHeadlights.com fall under this guarantee of workmanship. SuperDutyHeadlights.com Provides a lifetime craftsmanship warranty on any of the aforementioned projects. This warranty is ONLY applicable to issues directly related to our craftsmanship. This does NOT cover components, housings, shipping damage or other misuse/mis-installation out of our control. Any projects which have been further modified, altered or otherwise changed from how they were originally shipped from SuperDutyHeadlights.com do not fall under our guarantee of workmanship or any applicable warranties. No payments, refunds or reimbursements will be made for any type of work performed by another shop other than SuperDutyHeadlights.com All components, parts, housings or other items that are NOT produced or physically made and or fabricated by SuperDutyHeadlights.com carry their own respective warranties.

Special conditions apply for returns and refunds. Please contact us.
All individual component returns must be within 7 days of delivery, in their original packaging and in new condition- NO EXCEPTIONS. All returns must be prior authorized via email. Un-authorized returns will not be accepted or refunded.

Returns & refunds on Custom fabricated items, including but not limited to; headlight retrofits, projector swaps, headlight painting, clear lens upgrades, amber-removal, Halo/Angel-Eye installation and complete headlight packages, are NOT ACCEPTED. These items & services are NON-REFUNDABLE-special circumstances apply as these projects are a customer-specific unique application. There are absolutely no returns or refunds on the aforementioned fabricated items’ labor charges.

Please note: Halo or “Angel Eye” ring failure (and any associated labor to replace the ring, should you opt for replacement) is NOT covered under warranty. We DO NOT offer ANY halo installations on new packages due to extreme unreliability and high failure rates.

Shipping charges, special or rush shipping charges, handling charges and refused-package fees are NOT refundable.

All custom builds, projects or otherwise applicable services must be accompanied by a signed work order or build sheet. This is something we generate & email to you before your deposit and custom service begins. This requires accurate name & billing information along with your authorizing signature.

Any warranty from SuperDutyHeadlights.com on any products or services are NOT transferable under any circumstances. Warranties written or otherwise expressed are for the original purchaser of the products or services only.

Shipping Information:
Shipping is calculated with each order. A handling charge may apply to larger items. Shipping on all items is for the USA only. If you are looking to purchase from us and are located outside of the USA, please notify us before making any purchases as we can NOT guarantee your items can be shipped to your location.
All processed orders will receive online updates including tracking information as soon as it’s available. All items being shipped are insured for their appraised value.
Shipping times vary by your location. We will update you with information as we get it. UPS rush shipping is available, please contact us for information. We do NOT ship items COD! Pick-ups are available, please contact us.
Damaged or missing items must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. Shipping damage or items & projects that arrive in damaged condition are NOT the responsibility of SuperDutyHeadlights.com Please do not ship anything back to us. Please hold onto all packaging materials, contact us then the shipping carrier. SuperDutyHeadlights.com will NOT file any shipping damage claims, unless the items are in our possession, meaning that they were originally shipped TO us. YOU the recipient are responsible for filing any shipping claims in a timely manor.

On the shipment of items to SuperDutyHeadlights.com for services: SuperDutyHeadlights.com is not responsible for any un-disclosed damage. This includes but is not limited to shipping damage, prior packaging damage, broken tabs, pieces or wear-and-tear/used headlight housings.

Orders & Privacy Information:
SuperDutyHeadlights.com takes our customers privacy and information very seriously. SuperDutyHeadlights.com does NOT collect or process Credit Card information through our website, this is done via Paypal.com. SuperDutyHeadlights.com does NOT share, sell or re-distribute our customer information. All personal and financial information is transferred safe with a secure site connection.

Paypal payments are accepted ONLY if your account & address is Verified. The Paypal Verification process varies by location. For more information on how to verify your account please visit Paypal.com

Other & Misc. Information:
SuperDutyHeadlights.com is a sub-division of Black Flame Customs Inc. & BlackFlameCustoms.com. SuperDutyHeadlights.com offers premium custom build headlight packages for the Ford Superduty Trucks only – we do NOT offer anything for other vehicles at this time.