24 Jul

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Retrofit ?

A retrofit or “retrofitting” is the installation of High-Performance HID components (generally proper projectors/bulbs/shrouds) into your factory headlights; generally into your halogen bulb reflectors/projectors.

This involves completely dismantling your stock headlights and fabricating the new components into them. The use of high quality HID components allows us to obtain the best quality light output available from your lights.

An HID retrofit puts your lights on the same (usually better) level as the high-end & luxury cars seen everywhere on the road today.

For more information on what a retrofit is and the components used please visit www.HIDRetrofits.com or www.HeadlightRetrofits.com

What are the benefits of an HID projector conversion?

With an HID Projector retrofit conversion your headlights are now equipped with the best possible lighting components. We offer car & truck headlight packages that are hand-built to be brighter, safer & more visually appealing.

Brighter Output: An HID light is a high intensity bulb. When installed in an optically correct HID projector you get excellent, properly-controlled brighter light output.

Width & Depth: How can I see further down the road at night?  How can I have better night time driving peripheral vision? Ever find yourself asking these questions? An HID Projector Retrofit can take care of all these concerns. You’ll see farther & wider while driving at night. This is a huge improvement in safety.

Cost: What does something like a projector retrofit cost? Our retrofit service is all done by hand and with great attention to detail. Our packages will certainly cost more than the sub-par & generally unsafe generic“projector halo lights” that run rampant across the internet these days. However, if the cost of a factory/dealer installed HID system is compared you’ll find we are much more reasonable. Our headlight conversions often outperform factory HID lighting as well.

How long does a project take?

A retrofit package can vary depending on shipping times, build options and any current wait list.

The actual retrofit build generally takes 3-5 days – but can vary with options, certain paint selections or other variables. Please plan accordingly for timing.

Do you have a waiting list ?

Yes. We build custom headlight packages in the order in which they were ppurchased.

Our general wait-list time is one to two weeks, but may be longer during holidays or closures.

The best way to get your build going is to select your product package, purchase and you’ll be in our system right away.

Please note that shipping times should be factored into your project time schedule.

What if I don’t see my vehicle application listed ?

All our current products & packages are available on this website. If you don’t see your specific truck in the listings, it may be because we don’t offer it.

Or, perhaps you don’t see specific options on a project you are interested in?

Please contact us for help.

Do you offer halos or angel eyes?


We do not work with any halos or angel eyes in our headlight builds/projects. They are extremely unreliable and en up failing due to constant heat. This can compromise the headlight system and is NOT covered under warranty.

Do you offer a warranty ?

Yes. SuperDutyHeadlights.com stands behind all of our work. All our Morimoto headlight build components carry worry free individual manufacturers warranties directly through TRS (TheRetrofitSource). We are able to help process these warranties if the items we’re purchased from us and you are the original owner.

Our craftsmanship warranty is guaranteed for the life of your lights, as long as you own them. What that means is as long as you own the lights we’ll make any needed repairs, fixes or adjustments should something fail or go wrong with our specific services or labor.

Diagnostic, HID component or otherwise vehicle system related issues, function-ability & any component specific related malfunctions are NOT covered by our warranty.

Please note: Warranties are NOT transferable and are only applicable to the original owner or purchaser of the lights.

How should I align my new headlight retrofits ?

This is a great question. It should be noted that proper patience, time and surroundings should be available to adjust your lights. It may take a few trial and error adjustments to get them just right and to your personal liking.

All height adjustments can be done through the OEM control knobs on the headlights.

-First, find a good level ground area to park your vehicle on that has an adjacent broad-sided building. Park approximately 30 feet away & facing the wall.
-Next, measure the distance from the ground to your projector inside the headlight (let’s use 30 inches as an example).
-With your headlights turned on, measure the lower portion of the DRIVER cutoff step. The goal is for the cutoff step to be approximately 2 inches lower than your projector measurement. So, in our scenario, 30 inches minus 2 inches gives us 28 inches.
-Then simply align your PASSENGER projector to the same point as your left one.
-Road test and adjust slightly up or down as needed.

The general adjustment range is 2-4 inches LOWER than what your projector measures.

For more information on what a retrofit is and the components used please visit www.HIDRetrofits.com orwww.HeadlightRetrofits.com

Can you remove my headlights if I drop off my vehicle ?

This service is currently not available at this time. Sorry.

Will I be updated on my project status ?

Yes. We like to keep you as informed as possible with regards to any updated details, changes or information about your project. During the build process things may change or need to be altered to yield the best possible quality build.

This assures that everything is to your liking and the final outcome is as planned.

Progress pictures will be sent when they are available or applicable. One final set of pictures will be emailed to you, along with your final payment invoice (if one is needed), upon completion of your project.

Emails and online messaging are often the best way for us to communicate.

Will my headlights still be adjustable ?


All services, including full retrofits allow the use of your OEM headlight adjustment knobs and/or factory self-leveling systems. This provides ease of adjustment or “tweaking” during the installation and testing of your newly set up headlights.

Do you offer refunds ?

SuperDutyHeadlights.com does offer refunds on all un-opened/un-used/un-installed HID components and parts. Special terms do apply, please read our policy page.

On custom built headlight retrofit packages and any other services our labor is non-refundable.

Shipping services are non-refundable.

Please see our policy page for complete terms & conditions of refunds.

What color bulbs do you use ?

HID bulb colors are measured by their Kelvin temperature. HID bulb light output is rated by its luminosity or lumens. OEM auto manufacturers use 4300k bulbs for their high luminosity output (generally 3200-3400 lumens) and their reliability.

A variety of places sell the 8000k & 10,000k bulbs (and even higher). These bulbs have a low true lumen/output rating, produce obnoxious glare to oncoming drivers & cause eye fatigue on you the driver. Often times these aftermarket bulbs don’t produce anymore output than a quality halogen bulb. 4300k-4500k is the brightest and truest white HID bulb you can get.

The only other color bulbs that SuperDutyHeadlights.com would use in a retrofit are 5000k, 5500k, 6000k or 6500k bulbs, and we usually reserve these strictly for users that want specific Kelvin coloring.

What other services do you offer ?

We currently only customize, build and fabricate top quality headlight packages. This can include a variety of options.

Our website name says it all “SuperDuty Headlights” and specific light components are all we currently work with.